Why WIN Time?

We work hard to ensure that all students learn at high levels at East Elementary. We know that students do not learn in the same ways or at the same rate. This tells us that only one delivery of instruction will never be sufficient to reach all students. Students need additional and differentiated instruction to learn. We accomplish this through what we call WIN Time.

What is WIN Time?

WIN Time, or “What I Need” Time, is how teacher teams and paraprofessionals ensure that students are learning our most critical curricula at high levels. This is done through regularly scheduled blocks of time during the week where students are given specific knowledge or skill support and enrichment. The function of WIN Time is to ensure that all students are learning at high levels.

How does WIN Time work?

Teacher teams work together to plan each unit of study while focusing on the most crucial standards the students need to master. Teachers give assessments to track student progress. Students are ranked with a 1, 2, 3, or 4 as to their level of mastery on a learning target. Teachers divide the students into smaller groups based on their individual needs. Each group is given individualized instruction on specific, fundamental skills in order to succeed. Students who show mastery will be given enrichment opportunities to challenge their learning and further their growth. As students improve and as more instruction is presented, the groups change to meet student needs and the students may fluidly change from group to group as is appropriate.

WIN Time