Professional Learning Community (PLC)

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(We call them GVCs.) 

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We also use the term EBIS. This stands for Evidence-Based Instructional Strategy. At East Elementary our "EBIS" is questioning strategies and high opportunities to respond for students. 

Why PLC? 
Research performed on the highest performing schools reveals characteristics they all share. The characteristics are a clear focus on learning, a collective purpose, shared ownership for learning, collaborative efforts, and a continuous desire to improve. These characteristics are the very distinguishing features of PLC teams. 

What is the work of a PLC team?
A PLC is simply a professional team of educators that focuses on the following questions and works hard to ensure that students learn what they need to succeed. 
   1. What do we expect our students to learn? 
   2. How will we know if they are learning? 
   3. How will we respond when they don't learn? 
   4. How will we respond when they already know? 

What are GVCs (Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum)? 
Every year each PLC team selects the most important content standards for students to learn in each core subject. These most important standards become the "guaranteed" curriculum, meaning that teams will put most of their attention and effort to ensure that students learn these standards. For example in math, learning place value is much more important than learning to use rulers to mark 1/2 inch lengths. Every core subject has standards that are more important than others.