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Dual Immersion Teachers

1st Grade: 
Mrs. Fernández (SP)
Mrs. Warren (EN) 

2nd Grade:
Mrs. Bryant (SP)
Mrs. Bunker (EN) 

3rd Grade: 
Mr. Niles (SP)
Mr. Neibaur (EN) 

4th Grade:
Mrs. Engst (SP)
Mrs. Van Arsdale (EN)

5th Grade: 
Mrs. Salcedo (SP)
Mrs. King (EN)

The Benefits of Dual Language Immersion

Decades of research teach us that immersion programs help students attain high levels of second language proficiency better than all other programs. Students involved in immersion also show greater cognitive flexibility, focus, memory, and superior problem solving skills. These students also enjoy an enhanced understanding of their native language. Immersion students are more aware and demonstrate  more acceptance and understanding toward other people and cultures. Looking into the future, we recognize that bilingual high school graduates are better prepared for today's career opportunities. 

Click here to see 5th grade student proficiency in Spanish. 

Student Selection Protocol for Dual Immersion

We're pleased to make our dual immersion program available to all Iron District students. There is a protocol on how students are selected.  

  • Our goal is to have as close to 50% of both English and Spanish native speakers in each grade.  
  • Certain students are given priority in the selection process. They are:
    • Siblings of current dual immersion students,
    • Children of East Elementary employees, and
    • Students whose parents are willing to commit to the full program.  
  • An application period will be opened and advertised each year for the next year's FIRST GRADE. 
  • In the situation where more students are interested than there is room available, the students who have priority will be enrolled followed by a lottery for all others. We are directed to add up to 10% of the grade level from students of other schools.  
  • All applicants will be notified via email whether they have been enrolled for the following year.  
  • Students who were not selected and are still interested in enrollment may request their names be put on the waiting list. 
    • In the case where a lottery was not necessary, meaning that all who requested were admitted by April 1, students will then be admitted in the order of their request thereafter.  
    • In the case where a lottery was necessary, a lottery will be performed for the initial group that was not admitted in order to determine order of enrollment as openings become available. Thereafter students will be admitted in the order of their request.  
      • In either case, only the newly admitted student will be notified. 
  • Students may enroll in the program in SECOND GRADE if space is available. Protocol for enrollment follows the first grade's waitlist then on date of request.