Directory Information Opt-Out

Directory Information Opt-Out means the parent does not want the school collecting or sharing any personal data of their student, except for that which is necessary to maintain their record in PowerSchool for purposes of state reporting (classes, grades, etc.).

Directory information is student information in their education record that would not (generally) be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed (ICSD Policy “Directory Information”). The following information is considered directory information.

  • Student Name (all given and family names) 
  • Addresses (physical location and internet) 
  • Phone Numbers 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Current Grade Level 
  • Extracurricular Activities or Participation 
  • Awards or Honors 
  • Photographs 
  • Video or Digital Images 
  • Height and Weight (if a member of an athletic team) 
  • Previous Schools Attended (with dates of attendance) 
  • Parents’ Names

Parents wanting to opt their children out of directory information must submit their request using the official form template (click here for the form). Verbal or electronic requests will not be approved. This must be submitted to the principal. Opt-out must be requested each year starting on the first day of school and ending 10 calendar days later. Parents may not opt-out after this window unless they were just transferred to the school.

Opting-out a student from Directory Information limits student opportunities, as it prohibits the school and district from disclosing any student information from the list above, except for student records and state reporting. The student would not be included in the school yearbook. The student would not be eligible to participate in a school or district activity or participate on an athletic team. The student would not be listed on an honor roll, and would be excluded from graduation lists and notifications of diploma.

Opting out from Directory Information does not prohibit outlets such as newspapers and social media from obtaining and reporting student information received through other sources.