The School LAND Trust program brings tens of millions of dollars annually to academic programs in public schools across Utah. The funds are generated from school trust lands. These funds are the only discretionary funds many schools receive. The program runs entirely from this web site. Each public school in Utah elects a school community council consisting of parents, teachers, and the principal. Charter Schools have Trust Lands Councils. All councils have a two parent member majority. Each council carefully reviews student assessments and progress to decide which academic areas they want to focus on. Plans are developed to improve student academic performance in the identified academic areas with the annual School LAND Trust funds. The plans are approved by the council, submitted on this website, and approved by the local school board or chartering entity (Taken from the School Land Trust website at

Community Council Members

  • Lydia Howard | Chair | 592-6372 |
  • Briget Eastep | Vice | 586-2840 |
  • Tanya Fielding | Parent | 586-2840 |
  • Jami Lyn Niles | Parent | 586-2840 |
  • Amanda Hanson | Parent | 531-8926 |
  • Val Orton | Educator | 586-2840 |
  • Mike Moyle | Principal | 586-2840 |

Council Meeting Dates

  • October 17th
  • January 23rd
  • March 19th
  • All meetings will in the school library from 3:40 to 4:20.

Council Meeting Agendas

Meeting 1 of 3:
Council membership and assignments
Review Land Trust website with training materials
Final report for previous year
Review plan for current year
Discuss thoughts for next year

Meeting 2 of 3:
Review current year’s plan effectiveness to date.
Discuss ideas for the upcoming school year.
Notes taken will be typed and distributed after the meeting.

Meeting 3 of 3:
Final discussion on current year’s plan and its impact on student learning
Final discussion and decision on next year’s plan
Submission of plan to the School Land Trust organization.
Review of this year’s council assignments and meetings along with possible changes.

All parents are invited to serve on the Community Council. If interested, please fill out our candidacy form linked above. Parents can directly influence how the funds our school receives are spent.

2018-19 Report

Our goal was to raise student achievement by 5% in the state mandated tests: AAPPL (for dual immersion), RISE language arts, RISE math, RISE science, and DIBELS (reading). We met and exceeded our goals in all areas except on the DIBELS test. Funds were used to hire a reading aide, a math aide, to provide professional development, to provide supplies, and to supplement the purchase of technology throughout the school. There were two mistakes last year revolving around the registration for professional development and the ordering of technology for one grade. The funding was carried over to this year and has been spent on the things we committed to as a council. Our plan was a great success!